It sounds easy, but the real work lies in our negotiation skills. That is why you will use us.

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First we work out your Debt Management Plan based on the information provided by you, customise the plan and give you advice regarding the intended plan and the way forward.


We then negotiate with your credit providers on your behalf based on reducing your monthly repayments according to the agreed budget. This will save you money and increase your disposable income. The process we have customised is designed to assist you to improve your ITC and Experian records, as part of the process we ensure that any adverse information is removed – once your creditors are paid. We also verify your accounts for accuracy where information is correctly given to us

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The negotiated Debt Management Plan is then sealed in writing and executed by way of one monthly debit order controlled by us and distributed to your creditors. You have full control and can track your progress at any time. That’s the great part, and what we stand for.

And when it’s all over

Well, exactly what we say, your credit score will be recovered. You can start anew. You will do it right this time, because we are right behind you even when you are debt free, for advice, tips and well, just about everything in between.