Recover Credit work act in two ways :

Act under Section 129 and 130 of the National Credit Act (NCA -No. 34 of 2005: National Credit Act Act, 2005) in debt mediation as an “alternative dispute resolution agent”.

Required procedures before debt enforcement
129. (1) If the consumer is in default under a credit agreement, the credit provider-
(a) may draw the default to the notice of the consumer in writing and propose that
the consumer refer the credit agreement to a debt counsellor, alternative
dispute resolution agent, consumer court or ombudsman with jurisdiction, with the
intent that the parties resolve any dispute under the agreement ….;


As a Voluntary Debt Mediator before Section 129 has been enforced by a Creditor, i.e when you feel that your debt is becoming a problem and you wish to manage the situation effectively before it gets out of hand.

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